Volunteering Leads to Better Health?

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A recently released study from the Rotman Research Institute has shown that the effects of volunteering go beyond just feeling better and happier about yourself, they affect your health as well! This is the first study of its kind and it shows a correlation between health and volunteering, though not to that those who don’t volunteer are unhealthy. By studying all existing previous studies about psychosocial health benefits that arise from volunteering for older people, this newest study shows there is most certainly a benefit. To qualify, the studies had to measure psychosocial, physical, and mental outcomes from formal volunteering. In total, 73 studies that were published over the course of 45 years were examined during this most recent study.

What the study of the studies found was surprisingly impressive but most likely known to those who volunteer on a regular basis. Volunteering was associated with a number of positive health effects including a reduction in depression and depressive tendencies, greater longevity, and the ability to function better (i.e. move with less restriction). The study also pointed out that those who benefitted the most were those who were the most at risk. The older and sicker you were, the more volunteering helped you. The study also found out that there is a plateau to the benefits that volunteering brings. After about 100 hours a year (2-3 hours a week), the benefits seem to no longer appear in subjects. While the study focused solely on older (aged 50+) adults, I’m sure the results can be applied to people of all ages. After all, mental health directly affects physical health.

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College Sexual Assaults Are Finally Being Taken Seriously.

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There’s no denying that one of the largest failings of our entire educational system in the recent years has been the failure to enforce punishment against sexual crimes and the complete lack of care and understand for the victims who are usually forced to continue to go to school with their attacker. While this lack of any attempt to actually punish the perpetrators has been known to victims and advocates for years, it has only recently surfaced in the eyes and minds of the public, thanks to a series of scathing reports from both victims and journalists that point out how most higher educational institutes are more concerned with protecting reputations and alumni donations than the students they claim to care for.

The government has finally taken notice of the massive failings amongst these institutions and is now taking action. In a rare show of working together, a bipartisan group of congressmen and women are pushing for legislation that will punish offenders as well as punish schools for not taking the proper action against offenders. By using a combination of fines and reducing educational grants and federal money, the government plans to make colleges and universities more accountable for mishandling cases that deal with sexual crimes of any nature. Due to the massive failing in terms of both punishing attackers and supporting victims, many universities are most likely going to fight against these laws so that they can maintain their status. That being said, it’s good news for everyone, especially victims, that the government has taken notice and is involving itself.

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