Everyone Can Benefit from Going to Law School

Marilyn Gardner Milton’s Latest Blog Entry

Some may argue that going to law school isn’t for everyone. I would disagree. No matter what you wish to do with your career, attending law school is something that can benefit every American both personally and professionally. Here are just a few of the benefits that come from the three years of law school studies.

Knowing your rights
This may be the biggest benefit of attending law school. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you thought “is this legal?” or “what are my rights on this situation?” By attending a law school, you can answer these questions for yourself instead of having to seek out and pay for a lawyer. There are many circumstances where knowing your rights can play out in your favor. As an American citizen, a tenet, an employee, or any other facet of life, knowing the law can help you from making a quick assumption that might end in consequential results.

Ability to stand up for injustice
The pursuit of becoming a lawyer can help you in knowing what is legal and what isn’t. For example, many people who receive a parking ticket will grumble about the ticket (who doesn’t when they see those pesky white slips tucked under the windshield wiper) but then give in to paying the fee. By attending law school, you will know the read the small print on everything, even things like parking tickets. By no means are you above the law because you have your J.D., but you will know how to interpret the law and use it to your advantage.

Negotiation skills
The three years of prep for becoming a lawyer will surely prepare you for any argument or negotiation for the rest of your life. Everything in life is negotiable. In your professional career, this could mean knowing how to ask for a raise and what counter-argument you can give if you’re denied. Personally, it helps you understand both sides of situations which can aid in strengthening all of your relationships.

Effective communication
If you’ve known anyone who’s been to law school, you’ll know how much their courses require communication in the form or writing and speaking. These classes are designed to help future lawyers be purposeful in the way they communicate with others. Things like strategy and alternative outcomes are things most people don’t always consider, but spend a few years in law school and you’ll begin to think about these each time you’re connecting with a friend or colleague.

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